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60 Minutes

The media drive me nuts. Everything is spun this way or that. Facts, data, and a balanced perspective are sacrificed on the altar of ‘political correctness’ or put out for slaughter in the colosseum of ‘ratings’. Christians, and those issues important to most Christians, are portrayed as dangerous relics of a bygone era. Modern media moralism is incredibly intolerant of divergent perspectives.

This week 60 Minutes aired an episode on pre-natal screening for Down syndrome entitled ‘Right or Wrong’ (https://www.9now.com.au/60-minutes/2017/extras/latest/august/right-or-wrong). A simple blood test has been developed to tell pregnant mums if their baby is likely to have Down syndrome. Doctors are lobbying to have it provided free to all Australian women who want it. The premise being: if your baby tests positive then you can terminate your pregnancy, abort your baby.

I have never met a Down syndrome person I didn’t like. I was curious to see what ‘perspective’ was adopted by the 60 Minutes media ‘experts’.

I was pleasantly surprised to watch thirteen minutes of life affirming commentary warning of the numerous pitfalls that will accompany such prenatal testing – not the least being the loss of many beautiful Down Syndrome people from our society.

Sally Phillips, British actor and comedian, said of her son Olly, “He’s naturally incredibly funny. People aren’t fascinated by the things people with Down syndrome can do better, which are: relate to people, be funny, be comfortable in their own bodies. I don’t think of him as Down syndrome really, he’s my son. You know, he’s my son”.

It was a good program. Maybe I need to give the media a few breaks.