We live in an age that celebrates individualism and self-expression. Be yourself. Don’t let others define you. Stand out from the pack. Shine!

Social media has become a significant platform for expressing individuality. Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts lets the world know who we really are: the real me, not a manufactured one – no one would be so shallow so as to create a less than transparent online profile.

On Monday night, Anna and I, along with David and Jenny Sterritt, made a pitch to express our free spirits and cultured individualism. We went to the ballet. It was great, a whole new experience. Our seats, being the big spenders we are, were way up high on the very last row.

Intermission (there were two of them) fascinated me. Some left for the foyer whilst many others settled into the same dance. Phones were removed, Aeroplane mode was switched off, and everyone began taking photos (Look, I’m at the ballet!), sending emails, updating Facebook or Instagram threads, and expressing their individuality.

From a slight distance it all looked unbelievably standardised and devoid of individuality. The same phones were running the same programs with people taking the same photos, to update their ‘unique’ online presence.

But every person at the ballet was already remarkably unique. No face, no body shape, no mind, was the same.  Our individuality is built into us by the creator of the universe. Let it shine in your smile, in your hand stretched out to serve, and in your heart overflowing with love. Prioritise these things and don’t sweat the externals.