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Blue and Green Should Often Be Seen

Anna’s work has been running a ‘Live More Project’ with staff. Participants are given simple, practical tips on how to improve their mood and have a more positive approach to life and work. Mood and emotions are largely controlled by a deeply buried part of our brain called the Limbic System (or Limbo).

The third session had the simple catchphrase: ‘Blue and Green Should Often Be Seen’.

Apparently, our Limbo, the gatekeeper for our primary senses, is especially uplifted by bright light and needs about 10,000 LUX for 30 minutes each day. In other words, we should all spend at least 30 minutes outside in ‘blue and green spaces’ with the sun shining, every day. Unsurprisingly, those who live through cold, dark winters often suffer as the darkness gets to their spirit; their Limbo rebels.

Does it matter if you spend one day shut up inside? Not much. What about two days? You’ll survive. What about 1 month or one year? Or what if you only get into the blue green outdoors for five or ten minutes a day? That’s not healthy; don’t be surprised if you find yourself discouraged and downhearted.

What can be said for our emotional life can equally be said of our spiritual life. Spiritually we need constant exposure to the Word of God and personal communion with our Lord.

Does it matter if I don’t spend time with God one day? Not much. What about two days? You’ll survive. But one month, one year, or just a few minutes a day? It’s just not enough to maintain a vital, growing spiritual life.