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Christmas Group Therapy

christmas light

A friend sent me a Christmas cartoon that tickled my fancy. A serious looking psychologist sits on a chair holding a notepad and pen, with four other characters facing him. Above them is a banner, ‘CHRISTMAS GROUP THERAPY’. They share their struggles. Santa says, ‘I don’t believe in myself’. The Snowman bemoans, ‘I think I’m bi-polar’. Rudolf complains, ‘All the other reindeer laugh and call me names’. The Elf despairs, ‘I’m trapped in a dead-end job’.

It’s funny, but I don’t think you need to be a Christmas character to do ‘Christmas Group Therapy’. Charles says, ‘I’ve no money for presents this year’. Alice bemoans, ‘Do we have to spend Christmas with your family again’. Maurice complains, ‘I don’t even like turkey or plum pudding’. Edgar despairs, ‘If I hear one more stupid Christmas song I’m going too…(Oops, better edit this one)… make a formal complaint’.

Christmas can be tough. Yes, there will always be things to complain about. But knowing Jesus should make a very real difference.

Here’s the sort of Christmas group therapy I like to envisage: Serene says, ‘God loves me so much. He sent his Son to save me from my sins’. Peggy laughs, ‘Jesus came humbly to lift me up to the heights of his glory’. Alan rejoices, ‘I have peace in my heart and a hope in my soul that’s hard to put into words’. Mary sings, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my saviour’.

Let’s encourage one another with the very good news of Christmas. May our light shine with the grace and glory of God.