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Church Camp?

Every second-year we debate whether to organise a church camp. Won’t it be too expensive? What about families? Who’s going to organise it? What if nobody comes and it’s a big monetary loss?  Who should we get as a speaker? Where will we go? The questions pile up.

Every time we’ve taken the punt. This year our church camp, at least in terms of numbers, was the best yet. We had a great time and it was well worth the effort.

Recently our Poor & Vulnerable Working Party recommended we establish a pastoral visitation relationship with BaptistCare, which would require potential volunteers to complete sixteen hours of Spiritual Care training. We’re all too busy. What if nobody turns up? Who really cares to visit elderly or infirm people in our community? It’s all too hard!

Training began on Tuesday night with registrations closed at fifty people. What a great night! I’m looking forward to seeing what God will do.

What about PennoLife 2018? Where will we get leaders from? Who’s going to sacrifice a portion of their holidays to serve? What if nobody comes? It’s all too hard!

What about partnering with a church in Lidcombe to see a fresh and growing gospel witness in that part of Sydney? Now that’s certainly going too far! It’s much too hard!

If we let difficulties and unanswered questions hold us back, we’ll never do anything. In every endeavour, we need to pray and plan and press on in faith. God is good. It’s up to him to bring the blessing. It’s up to us to serve faithfully.