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Content with Yourself


Last week I shared some thoughts from my son, Adam. At the risk of overplaying my hand, I’d like to share just one more thought from his core values that caught my attention. Adam lives in Tokyo, works a busy job, and was reflecting on ‘Life in the Fast Lane’. Moogie is our brown Labrador.



Moogie has taught me a lot about being simple. He’s usually the one in the room to put on a stupid face, get excited at random things, shamelessly let one rip at the most inappropriate time, or just get saliva over the current target of his affections.


It’s these simple (sometimes stupid) things that help me remember that, at the end of the day, Moogie is most glorified in being himself; a dog. And we love him for being himself and not trying to be something else.


Jesus tells us not to worry, not only because he will provide everything we need, but also because we are fine just the way God has designed us (Matt 6:28~29). This should help to feel free to be ourselves and to stop worrying about the way we think we should be.


I often assume persistence will equal success and then allow me to carve the image of myself I want others to see. But not fretting over the expectations of others is a lesson that I still need to learn. If Jesus wants me to accept the kingdom like a baby, then I need to take his word seriously and apply that mindset to the rest of life!