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For the Mothers in our lives.....

For the mothers in our lives… this is maybe some of what you are to us:

Magnanimous, Machiavellian, Measured, Meek, or Matriarchal
Obliging, Optimistic, Organised or Oratorical
Tactful, Truthful, Tender, Tidy, Tough, and Terrifying
Hilarious, Heroic, Humble, Helpful, and Hard-working
Easy-going, Elegant, Efficient and Empathic
Resourceful, Reliable, Reassuring and Realistic

No two mothers are the same, and nobody is perfect but we thank God for each and every one of you; who enrich and enable our lives, often at your own expense. Today we honour and encourage all mothers in their vital roles in the family, in our church, and in the community. May God lend you the strength to walk the road He’s put you on, rain, hail, or shine.