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Hear, Believe and Obey

The first priority in our ‘Towards 2020’ Church Vision is that we continue to remain and even grow as a healthy church. In pursuit of our vision we have decided to have a church health theme for every calendar year.  Last year our theme was ‘Exiles Fit for Mission’, encouraging us to see our entire life as a mission endeavour as we wait for the coming of JesusThis year our theme is…

‘Hear, Believe, Obey’. In 2017 the Bible Society in Australia celebrates its 200th birthday: it’s one month older than Westpac, our first bank. So we want to celebrate and commit anew to the proclamation and hearing of the eternal Word of God. And the only fitting response to hearing God’s Word is faith and obedience. Later this year, we hope to make explicit efforts to share the gospel so that others may hear, believe, obey, and find life eternal.

As part of this endeavour, we’re going to focus on the gospel of John throughout the year. Starting today, during term time, all of our preaching will be from John’s gospel. In Term 2 and Term 4 everyone will be encouraged to read through John’s gospel - that’s twice in one year. Furthermore, we hope to prepare Small group Studies on portions of John’s gospel.

As we work our way through John’s gospel, you will discover that he is relentless in his appeal that we might hear the Word of God revealed in Jesus, believe the Word, and then submit our lives in obedience to Jesus. Hear, Believe, Obey! It’s going to be a great year.