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PennoLife Miracle


We’ve done it again! The PennoLife miracle is complete for another year. Who’s going to lead? Will the theme work? What about decorating the church? Will anyone come? Will they be glad they came? It takes so much planning and teamwork. It all seems too much – but every year God blesses us with a small miracle.  

Why bother? Here are three things that motivate us:

To Bless -  We just want to be a blessing, to love others as the Lord has loved us. Without expecting anything in return, it has been our delight to share good food, offer practical advice for life-management, care for children, give respite from the heat, tell the stories of Jesus, and have a good time as part of the community.

To Share our Community Life – We believe we have something that many people long to find, but which often feels elusive. We’re far from being perfect, but at Penno we have the opportunity to share life together in community. I like to believe that most of our relationships are warm and loving and growing. PennoLife gives us an opportunity to introduce others to some of the vibrancy of our community life in the hope that they might want a part of it.

To Share the Hope we Have in Jesus – This is the bedrock of everything we possess and have to offer. At PennoLife we long to share Jesus with others. Over the last few days we have been reminded that Jesus knows us, loves us, and wants to forgive us. That’s good news. That’s the gospel. That’s why we run PennoLife.