Sunday AM Service will be live streamed only due to Covid restrictions. Please join us online via our Penno Connect channel on YouTube.

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PLU56 Ministry

5_6 Ministry

PLU56 has been running for 3 weeks now, and already everyone is asking the big questions. Why is there a ‘5’ instead of an ‘S’? How do you say the name properly? “Plus 5-6”? “Plus 6”? “PLU 56?” Surely there hasn’t been this much confusion over a name since Mt Kosciuszko. 

Whatever the name, I can say that the ministry truly feels supported by the church. I am grateful for people’s prayers, willingness to help and belief in the vision.

So how has it been so far? I’m glad you asked. [You were asking, weren’t you?]

Despite an ominous weather forecast, we kicked off the ministry with 10 kids – 4 who aren’t part of our Sunday community. So far so good. Whether it’s Wendy’s superb hosting, Beth’s friendliness or the offer of meat pies, I don’t know. But we have fun together!

I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to pray and share from the bible. My prayer is that through our time together, we can ask honest questions about the bible and see this amazing truth: Jesus is alive and wants to give us LIFE!

Let me share a final gem of wisdom one of the boys shared last week. When talking about the story of Moses and the Burning Bush, he shared “The difference between God and a genie is that a genie you tell what to do, and he does it. But with God he tells us what to do, and we should do it.”

Such wisdom. Keep praying for PLU56!