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Seeing People

In Matthew 9:9-13, we have recorded for us the story of Jesus calling one of his twelve disciples to follow him; the tax collector Matthew. Notice how Jesus’ actions are described: “As Jesus went on from there, he SAW A MAN named Matthew…”

On every occasion that the gospels tell us what Jesus sees, that detail is significant. Jesus SEES a crowd and has compassion on them, Jesus SEES Mary’s grief at her brother’s passing, Jesus SEES his own mother from the cross. And here, when Jesus looks at Matthew, what does he see? He doesn’t see a tax collector. He doesn’t see a traitor, or a sinner, or an enemy, or someone to write off like the Pharisees did to so many who they considered beneath them. Jesus sees a man in need of him.

Sometimes we don’t see people because of the tasks we are focused on, or because of our own baggage that we carry. Sometimes we only see our own prejudices and the stereotypes we create as barriers to certain types of people.

But this week can I remind you to be attentive; pay attention and SEE the people around you. See them for who they are; people created in the image of God and in desperate need of connection with him.

Who do you see?