I often walk through the bush near our place in the early morning or late afternoon, just as the light is changing. It’s noisy, very noisy. In summer cicada song fills the air as they raise their voices (or drum their abdomens) in joyful chorus. At other times of year kookaburras laugh, and parrots of various sorts squeak, squawk and squabble in the tree tops.

But the sound I enjoy the most, perhaps the most fascinating and pleasant sound in the whole bush, is the gentle chirps, croaks and bubbles that emanate from the forest floor. It’s as though the ground is alive with a million creatures calling out to their friends all at once. I’ve often thought, with all that noise, that it’s a wonder there is any meaningful communication going on at all. Somehow through the din, crickets, frogs and other creepy crawlies pick up meaningful sound coming from members of their own species and respond in kind.

We too live in a noisy world. Often the sounds we hear clash in unpleasant dissonance. Everywhere we go there are voices telling us how to live, what to believe, and perhaps most intrusive of all, what to buy if we want to succeed and make a go of life.

But through the din, those of us who follow Jesus should have our ears attuned to the master’s voice. Jesus says, ‘My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me’ (John 10:27). Who or what are you listening to? Does it resonate with the voice of Jesus?