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The Prodigal Son

Jesus tells a story: A young man demands half his father’s inheritance. It’s a shocking request met by shocking agreement. In quick time the young prodigal spends everything and finds himself bereft. Out of desperation he decides to return home in hope that he will be accepted, not as a son, but as a hired servant.

It’s a risky plan, but it works. His father, seeing his son from a distance, runs to welcome him home with open arms and a loving kiss. He throws a party and clothes his long-lost son in finery.

His older brother, seeing his father’s response is consumed by envy and self-righteousness. He refuses to join the party. It’s just not right!

Here’s my challenge. We’re all prodigals. We demand good things from God and expect the world to dance to our tune. We abuse God’s goodness and as we do so our lives begin to unravel. Our only hope is to turn around and make a start back to our Heavenly Father in hope that he will receive us with open arms.

For many prodigals, going to church is the first step in the journey back home. But I’m concerned about whom they meet first. Will it be the Father, full of mercy and overflowing with grace, or will it be the older brother – full of self-righteousness and envy.

I hope and pray they meet the heart of the Father. Let’s make sure that everyone who comes to Penno is met with a warm embrace and a loving word so as to help each one on their way back home.