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Trust in God


It was totally ordinary. I was driving away from our house, as I have done thousands of times before, listening to music on the Christian radio station, HOPE 103.2.

Next on cue was a devotion - Linda Bailey. Never heard of her. She had a sweet voice. I didn’t want to listen to a sweet voice. ‘Nup’, I thought, ‘I’m out of here. Time to change the channel’.

But I didn’t. I kept listening – I never do that. Linda had been struggling to sleep, thoughts turning over, conversations analysed and repeated – a scenario all too familiar to me. She likened it to David in Psalm 13.

David begins expressing anxiety and stress. Perhaps God has abandoned him. ‘How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart?’ (Vs 2). But then he resets his thinking to affirm his faith. ‘But I trust in your unfailing love, my heart rejoices in your salvation’ (Vs 5).

Linda made her point. ‘Hold on to faith in troubled times. No matter what happens to our day, we must not stop trusting in God’.

It was such a simple message – almost too simple. It’s the sort of thing that soaks the Bible through and through and that I have said myself many times.

But for some reason –I’m convinced the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart – Linda Bailey’s simple message struck me with great force. “Actually, it is OK. Things aren’t perfect, but the Lord has it sorted. Whatever happens, I can trust in him”.

Pray that I not only know this truth, but actually live it.