Last week, interspersed amongst some stinking hot days, we enjoyed two days of solid rain. On one of those mornings Jeff Dillon and I went for a walk along the bush gully behind the pony club. It was hardly ideal conditions. We took umbrellas and fully expected to come home with wet shoes and socks. Jeff’s socks were in fact quite wet when he got home, blood red wet, thanks to a hitchhiking leech he offered a lift to.

Along the way we stopped at the waterfall close to the end of Bellamy Street. This tranquil oasis of reflective, mossy green beauty, had given way to a thundering black and white torrent – which had a life inspiring energy and beauty all its own. Our walk was worth it for that scene alone – but we enjoyed much more besides.

Life is like that. We often despair when find ourselves walking the road less travelled through hardship and discomfort. Eyes down, watch your step, minimise the pain. Walk like that and you’re bound to miss the unique beauty that now surrounds you. Eyes up, walking steadfast with your faith and hope fixed on the Lord, and you’ll be surprised by the otherwise hidden beauties strewn along the path. You won’t see them, and be awestruck in wonder and praise, if you never look.

Great advice John. So how was it on those stinking hot days? Did you see the otherwise hidden beauties all around you? No, I was hunkered down inside feeling sorry for myself. The beauty was there, if only I had lifted my eyes to see.