Soccer image

It’s the biggest show on earth! 32 teams - 64 games - 736 players. It happens every four years and this year, after just scraping in, Australia is once again part of the action. Does it get any better than this!

The Soccer World Cup literally kicks off again in a couple of months. Everyone’s talking about it. People will travel from all around the globe to be in Qatar for this special occasion. They will paint their faces, beat their drums, sing and chant, yell and scream – all to share in the joy and sorrow of their respective teams.

For one moment the spotlight of the world will be focused on the passion and glory unfolding on the sporting field. We’ll never forget this. It’s a time for immortals.

I remember the 2006 World Cup final and the brilliant goal scored by…. Well actually, I don’t remember. I don’t even know which teams played or who won, let alone who scored. Sure, some of us remember, but for most the moment is gone - forgotten. The sporting circus has moved on, as it always does, from one ‘unforgettable’ event to another.

I love sport and the World Cup is terrific, but I honestly believe that the activities we engage in as we meet in our little church in Pennant Hills are of far greater significance than anything happening on the sporting fields of Qatar. We meet to praise and honour the Living God. This has eternal significance. It’s a time for immortals. Don’t forget where your true significance lies.