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Be a introducer

Australian author, journalist, and radio personality, Kel Richards, has the following simple, some might say simplistic, definition of evangelism.

Evangelism = Introducing People to Jesus.

‘’This definition”, he writes, “makes our responsibility clear. And it also makes it clear where our responsibility ends”.

Let’s say I have two friends, Craig and Fred. I say to myself, ‘Craig and Fred would make great mates. Not only do they have similar interests, but they could help each other in many ways. I’m going to introduce them in the hope that they hit it off and become friends’.

Now I can’t make Craig and Fred become BFF’s – that’s really up to them. But I can introduce my friend Craig to my friend Fred. That’s easy. It’s the sort of thing we all do all the time.

When it comes to sharing Jesus, Kel Richards says, ‘You don’t need to push, or plead, or argue, or cajole. You don’t need to be an offensive “Bible Basher” – you just need to be an “introducer”. But you must be that.’

We’re two weeks out from our church ‘Weekend Away’. Our theme is ‘Live for the Kingdom’. Belinda Lakelin, Evangelism Consultant with the Baptist Association, will be helping us consider how to be more intentional and effective in introducing our family and friends to our friend and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our desire is that many people who fall within our relational networks might ‘Hear, Believe, and Obey’ the Lord Jesus. We don’t need a degree in rocket science or special gifting. We just need to be prepared to introduce people to Jesus our friend.