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John Macindoe - Lead Pastor

John married Anna way back in 1990 and has since been enjoying the best years of his life. They are the proud parents of three adult children; Erin, Adam, and Kate. After finishing bible college in 2001, John was called to serve as pastor at Pennant Hills. John is passionate about explaining the Bible in a clear and convicting way so as to lead people into a greater awareness of God's love. He likes to spend his spare time paddling kayaks whilst fishing, renovating his house, and enjoying other people’s company.


Jonny Lam - Pastor

The story of what God’s doing in our world is what Jonny loves and what gives him hope. At church, he primarily works to support ministry teams and small groups. Outside of work, he enjoys eating and cooking all sorts of food with his family and friends.

Grab him for a chat about Jesus, or about opportunities to serve at church, or about the latest hipster café/specialty coffee place that just opened.