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Bearer of the Gospel Truth

Bearer Day Break

Bearer of the Gospel Truth


Bearer of the gospel truth,

Let your light so shine,

That foggy paths are finally clear

And day breaks into darkened minds.


Christ offers freedom from the shackles

Of guilt from past misdeeds,

Of fear of uncertain days ahead,

Of present, pressing needs.


He offers satisfying life

For the now and eternally,

One with our Creator God above

And with His beloved family.


He infuses purpose in our lives

Far beyond our space and time,

Oh, open your eyes and catch a glimpse

Of this vision so sublime!


He warms our once dead, stone cold hearts

That it beats now strong and in sync

With the very heartbeat of our God,

For the things that matter to Him.


One day, one certain, glorious day,

All that’s broken will be made right.

In the meantime, let us not be slack,

Let’s pass on Christ’s true light!


                            By Selena Goh