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How are you doing?

What’s your normal go-to when someone asks you ‘How’re you doing?

  1. Mumble a sub-vocalised ‘OK’
  2. A loud shouted GREAT, WONDERFUL, HOW ARE YOU?
  3. Take it as permission to list your explicit intestinal symptoms and the doctor’s prognosis for them.

Let’s safely assume the person asking you in the first place is just doing so because it is customary; nevertheless – what if this week, you were prepared to take that inane greeting as a beginning point for a real conversation that might end up being a blessing to those around you.  What if you were to be prepared to answer “Actually, I’ve been thinking about”:

  1. this thing I was reading , then ask them what they think
  2. how to < insert real problem or dilemma or thing that you’re facing> (invite someone into your life and share with them with the view to building relationship)
  3. this thing that my church is doing .

Yes, you’d have to pick the right person and time and place, and yes, you’d have to do a little preparation, but the whole idea is to be more intentional in sharing what we care about and what we believe with those around us.  Let me know how you go.