Sydney  Metro

When our family lived at Cedarwood Drive, Cherrybrook, I never drove to church on weekdays between 7:30am and 9:00am. It could take more than 20 minutes to travel two kilometres. There was talk that one day the government would build a North-West train line. ‘One day!’, I thought, ‘How about today!’

Seventeen years later and the Sydney Metro line is open for business. Has it lived up to its promise? It probably depends upon how it impacts you. In my wildest dreams I imagined driving freely along Boundary Road at 8:15am and finding a parking spot close to the church. Pipe dreams to be sure…. but nice ones.

8:15am last week: I’m driving to church. I turn right into Weemala. Where is everyone? I drive past the school, ready to turn left into Ramsay and…. blink… and… look again…  and there are no cars outside the church. Not one! I slip into the spot right next to the church doors. Slap!... Slap!... Am I dreaming?? It’s more glorious and empty and wonderful than I could have ever imagined. I’m in parking heaven. Thank you Sydney Metro!

I’m reminded of the gospel. We sure do need the promises of God realised in full - and now! But God hasn’t finished yet. He’ still calling people to himself. So we wait with hope.

What will it be like when Jesus returns to establish his kingdom in power? I’m sure, when that day dawns, we will all be stunned by the glory, wonder, and purity of all we behold. We will be, not in parking heaven, but God’s heaven. Promise kept.