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Sydney Prayer Breakfast


On Wednesday morning, at the invitation of BaptistCare, I attended the Sydney Prayer Breakfast at Darling Harbour. It started at 6:30am. Myself, along with 1400 others, committed to a very early morning. Guests included NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, former Premier, Mike Baird, former Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, former Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, along with many other influential business, church, and para-church leaders.

The food was great – Scrambled eggs on rye toast, with pork sausages, bacon, fried tomato and hash browns – and then Danish pastries, banana slurpies, and a fruit platter on the side. The song items by Tash Lockhart and the keynote talk from Os Guinness were first class. The company at my table were pure joy. I’m glad I went.

But the best thing, it will leave a lasting impression, was the spirit of unity shared by Christians from all over our city, from many different church traditions and backgrounds, as we joined together as one in prayer for the city of Sydney.

Despite all the glitz and professionalism, the highlight of the morning was the time we spent praying. We prayed for our politicians, our business leaders, for our legal system and police, for churches and Christian organisations, for the marginalised, and for many other things.  It was simple, unsophisticated, and glorious.

I’m not a former Deputy Prime Minister, nor am I a prominent keynote speaker, but my prayers carried equal weight that morning. The Lord loves me and knows me just the same as anyone else. And you’re no different. So please pray for our city. Lord knows, we need it.