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Archives for December 2018

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Christmas Group Therapy

christmas light

A friend sent me a Christmas cartoon that tickled my fancy. A serious looking psychologist sits on a chair holding a notepad and pen, with four other characters facing him. Above them is a banner, 'CHRISTMAS GROUP THERAPY'. They share their struggles. Santa says, 'I don't believe in myself'. The Snowman bemoans, 'I think I'm bi-polar'. Rudolf complains, 'All the other rein...

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Passing Through


If you've ever been on a driving holiday you will have clocked up a few kilometres, passed through numerous towns, and hopefully seen some wonderful sights. On a driving holiday you're always 'passing through'. You might book a hotel room, eat a meal or two, buy some petrol, but the impact you make on each town is minimal. I'm sure the locals are glad that you visited and ...

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Set In Stone

IMG_3395 (2).JPG

'Don't worry. These plans are set in stone'. It's what you might say when something is fixed, immutable, unchangeable. Paper is soft; computer data subject to manipulation; pictures fade. But when something is set in stone well, stone is hard, permanent it ain't gonna change, is it? A few years back I poured a concrete base on the side of our house for a water tank. Befo...

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Super Hero Help - Nepal


Growing up in a western country, I've seen my fair share of superhero movies. They're all pretty similar in plot, but we keep going back to watch them again and again, because who doesn't like a good hero? And who doesn't like being a hero? Over the course of my time in Nepal, one topic kept popping up again and again in our discussions: how do we help so that it does...

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