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Archives for March 2019

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What is your Story?

Last Sunday our Church family welcomed new members and farewelling Christine Dillon as she prepares to leave for Taiwan. As I looked at the new members, I cannot help but wonder "how did you become a follower of Christ, who was your encourager?" If each one would write their story for our weekly bulletin we could get to know them better. I looked over at Christine and wo...

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The Last Word

no speak

Dallas Willard, best-selling Christian author and academic, was a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California for 47 years. During that time, he must have engaged in countless discussions with brash, young university students. John Ortberg shared one of those interactions as he gave a tribute at Dallas Willard's funeral in 2013: In one of his classes...

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Learning from the Animals

UOFR7433 (1).JPG

Leah has been working as a vet for the past three years. University Vet School, whilst invaluable, must be a million miles away from the reality of handling needy animals and their anxious, wallet restrained owners, week in and week out. No doubt Leah has learnt a lot. So I asked her: 'What have you learnt from the animals?' I was expecting something like 'Their remarkabl...

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Are We Being Fruitful?


The Apostle Paul was the greatest missionary the world has ever seen. Called by the Lord Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, gifted and prepared by God, Paul travelled the Roman Empire preaching the gospel and starting churches wherever he went. These churches, in turn, grew into Spirit filled communities that proclaimed the Lordship of Jesus and served their neighbours i...

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A Good Read


Anna and I were in Scotland when I finally finished a heavy non-fiction book I had been lugging around. I decided my next book would be a light, non-confrontational piece of fiction. So off to the bookshop I go. Before long I'm pouring over shelves and displays, looking at titles and authors and cover designs. Nothing grabs my attention. So off to another bookshop, and an...

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